Austin or Outerspace?

Austin or Outerspace?

This is a polaroid of the sunset taken from atop a hill looking onto a neighborhood in Austin.

The camera was sideways and the photo turned out to look more like the edge of the earth from outerspace though, didn’t it?

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evo 291

Texas Memorial Museum – University of Texas, Austin

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Austin Steam Train

This Thanksgiving cold front has been wonderful. I love winter for a few reasons.

1) My style becomes much cuter when I’m not battling 107 degrees.

2) I love holidays and my birthday is ten days before Christmas so it’s an event packed couple of months for me.

3) Kevin and I started dating at the beginning of winter so all of our “I think I’m in love with you” moments were embraced with chilly winds and bundling up together.

Last Valentine’s Day, Kevin and I went on a train excursion into the Hill Country through the Austin Steam Train Association. It was freezing and the skies were grey but we still had an amazing time. We are notorious for being late everywhere we go, a habitual gift from both of our families, so of course we started the trip by running from the parking lot of the depot directly onto the train as the “All Aboard” call was sounded from each car.

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Mount Bonnell

Mount Bonnell serves as a beautiful lookout point over Lake Austin and, from the other side, downtown Austin. Its a quick drive from any part of Austin, winding up the hillside, and just a short sprint up stone steps to the lookout point. Easy for anyone who can climb stairs and there’s a pavilion to rest at if you aren’t the most mobile of people.

If you ask me, the best mode of transportation to get there is by convertible!

Kevin and I driving up to Mount Bonnell in the Miata

The winding road to get there.

Dedication of Mount Bonnell. Only half of the stone remains in tact today.

The view of Lake Austin from Mount Bonnell as seen in this 1917 postcard

Present view with mansions lining the water and the 360 bridge in the background

Downtown Austin skyline as seen from Mount Bonnell

View from Mount Bonnell

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Breakfast

Weekly Photo Challenge - Breakfast

Homemade biscuit, egg, and bacon breakfast sandwiches!

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My Mommy

First off, I’d like to apologize for my hiatus from Waltz Across Texas, but I’m back in action now!

Life got kind of rough there for a bit and my mom was really sick and in the hospital. After a visit with the specialist earlier this week, all signs are pointing to a nice recovery, even if it takes a bit of time. I love my mommy so much and the rest of her family and friends are in for the long haul!



These photos are from her trip to see me at Disney World when I worked there last spring. Even though I was a photographer there, I still could not make my mom understand the “excited, arms out” pose. Like so:


This’ll do though, I guess. haha.


I love you mommy!

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The Gristmill

The Gristmill River Restaurant and Bar sits perched on a cliff overlooking the Guadalupe River in historic Gruene, Texas (pronounced Green, like the color).


The Gruene Cotton Gin processed local area crops until it burned down in 1922. The only structure remaining was a brick-walled boiler room, which in 1977 was turned into The Gristmill. For over 30 years, The Gristmill has been a central meeting point for antiquie collectors as well as sunburned, slightly buzzed river floaters who visit Gruene… and the food is amazing!

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Faces

Scampi, his first ride in a convertible.

Pure joy, shot with my Canon AE-1 Program – 35 mm camera.

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Luckenbach Post Office

Luckenbach has made its way into the hearts of every person that considers themselves a True Texan and lover of Outlaw Country music. Kevin and I visited Luckenbach during the 175th Anniversary of Texas Independence celebration in March 2011.

As a writer, it seems natural that one of my all time favorite hobbies is writing postcards.

As part of the Postcrossing family, I get to send and receive cards from the farthest stretches of the earth and naturally, Post Offices have climbed to the top of the list of some of my favorite types of buildings.

The Luckenbach Post Office is the best of the best. Functioning as part Post Office, part general store, and part saloon, its easy to hang around for a while.

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The Antlers Hotel – Gallery

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For more information on The Antlers Hotel in Kingsland, Texas, head over to The Antlers Hotel post here.

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